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About me


Hi there, I am Marisol and I love to paint, but this is not all I do. I have become interested in the Earth sciences  (the basis for all art-inspired works) focused on water resources, which led me to pursue a Ph.D. in Hydrology at the University of Texas at El Paso in 2017. Since water is one of our most important resources and there is ongoing research regarding water scarcity issues, my main research goals are focused on identifying the regions in the world with the greatest hydrologic changes due to climate change. It has been incredible and it has taken me around the world. I have enjoyed participating in conferences where I have been able to share my research findings related to climate change.  I am drawn to an understanding of how the Earth and its components work from the smallest to the biggest things. My paintings reflect my knowledge and experience as a scientist. I am attracted to vast landscapes, people, objects, and animals. I paint a wide variety of subjects in a realist style. In every painting, I am striving to portray the soul of my characters. My goal for every painting is to document the precious flora and fauna on Earth. 

Marisol Dominguez

Artist & Scientist

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